General Update – May

Hey everybody! A new month means time for a new update!

Firstly, The Shaded Dragon no longer lives here. It has a new home! The support for it has been amazing and I am hoping this will continue. A great big thank you to everyone who has read, retweeted and told people about it.

In terms of streaming I finished Full Throttle Reloaded. My next adventure game will be Sam and Max Hit The Road, as I kind of just stopped it to do Full Throttle. I will likely just start again rather than picking up from my previous play through.

In terms of my streaming schedule I am looking to do Monday – Friday 9am – 12 noon UK Time (be it GMT or BST). I also intend to do a stream on Sunday, but I have no time set for this yet and it will not follow the weekly formula. This is still to be cemented down, but I think my other commitments are now all scheduled around this, I hope.

My week streaming day will follow the formula below:-

  1. 9am – 10am Warm up Hour (any game I fancy playing to get things going)
  2. 10am – Noon Adventure Game

I am also hoping to add a Viewer section where we can play games together. On my list of games earmarked for this are Use Your Words, Golf With Friends and Jackbox 3.

If I finish an Adventure Game in any given week it is unlikely I will start a new one until the week after. Also, Adventure Game may be replaced by any game I will play from start to finish, but these will mostly be narrative driven.

Hope to see you around!




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