The Shaded Dragon

In a world full of dragons, magicians both evil and good, machines of destruction, demons and battling gods and their demigod kin, one resource is coveted above all others; the hero. Those rare few individuals who are that heady mix of brave, fool and righteous. And while their muscles are strong, their magic’s potent and their minds sharp they are revered and utilised to bring balance to a chaotic world. But when their muscles turn to fat, their magic to a damp squib and their minds slip into a world different from the one they live in, they become a burden to society.

Although it is true that some heroes of old find a place in the world when they are no longer capable of doing that daring do, they are few and far between. It is not in many heroes psyches to become a follower, or an employee. And well, it is also not known for many heroes to be complete physically and mentally by the time they are removed from the hero pool. Some believe that heroes should be outlawed, but without them in their prime the world be a cesspool overrun with the corrupt and the decaying.

Under the rule of Emperor Thaddues the First, a facility was created. Its purpose to provide a place where these heroes of old could be looked after; a haven that would provide the facilities, support and staff to either try and rehabilitate these once proud warriors or to care for them until they depart to the next grand adventure. When the plan was announced the populace rejoiced, for now their heroes would be cared for as was just and proper.

Of course, when a tax was levied for the creation of said facility, the populace had a sudden change of heart. So what should be have been a haven of recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation became more of a, well, prison. Under funded, understaffed and over populated the golden home for heroes was a short lived dream, but a sadly long lived nightmare.

Now in its one hundred and second year, the large fortress officially named The Shaded Dragon, but known throughout the land as the Grimhold, tries the best it can to live up to the doctrine set out by Emperor Thaddeus the First while being staffed almost purely by the destitute, the otherwise incarcerated, or the insane.


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