Where to find me

Howdy and welcome to the blog. You can also find me on Twitch and YouTube and Twitter.

Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/judiciouscake

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO_kv_onL-94wP6CvfJCjlg

Twitter – https://twitter.com/JudiciousCake


General Update – May

Hey everybody! A new month means time for a new update!

Firstly, The Shaded Dragon no longer lives here. It has a new home! The support for it has been amazing and I am hoping this will continue. A great big thank you to everyone who has read, retweeted and told people about it.

In terms of streaming I finished Full Throttle Reloaded. My next adventure game will be Sam and Max Hit The Road, as I kind of just stopped it to do Full Throttle. I will likely just start again rather than picking up from my previous play through.

In terms of my streaming schedule I am looking to do Monday – Friday 9am – 12 noon UK Time (be it GMT or BST). I also intend to do a stream on Sunday, but I have no time set for this yet and it will not follow the weekly formula. This is still to be cemented down, but I think my other commitments are now all scheduled around this, I hope.

My week streaming day will follow the formula below:-

  1. 9am – 10am Warm up Hour (any game I fancy playing to get things going)
  2. 10am – Noon Adventure Game

I am also hoping to add a Viewer section where we can play games together. On my list of games earmarked for this are Use Your Words, Golf With Friends and Jackbox 3.

If I finish an Adventure Game in any given week it is unlikely I will start a new one until the week after. Also, Adventure Game may be replaced by any game I will play from start to finish, but these will mostly be narrative driven.

Hope to see you around!



The Shaded Dragon – Derek

The lodgings were not exactly high class, but at least they were dry and somewhat protective against the ice cold wind that stalked the city at night. Of course with Tess being sent there by the Bailiff meant she enjoyed the least amount of hospitality the owners could offer while still claiming favour; that is to say a floor instead of a bed, cold slop as opposed to the delights of a full roasted chicken and a spot as far away from the fire as possible. Still, it was not in her heart to complain.

The same could not be said for the diminutive man who had been sent to the lodging house with her. His name was Derek and to look at him was to gaze upon a man who was all hair and muscle. He was mean tempered and foul of mouth, but the more booze he consumed the more he seemed to calm. Tess did her best not to stare at the man, but he was her only real company and one could only stare at the cracks in the ceiling for so long. Continue reading “The Shaded Dragon – Derek”

The Shaded Dragon – Tess

It is hard to know where to begin with a place like The Shaded Dragon, for there are so many storied and personalities that call the place home. Do you start with the staff, the patients, the forces from without that exert control over the building? Do you start with the history or the now? To my mind we should start, as all good stories should, with a woman.

This particular woman is a little over twenty. Her clothes are ragged, her hair a mess and her skin covered in the grime only the poor and unwashed can ignore. Her name is Tess, and she stands in a long line awaiting her judgement. Continue reading “The Shaded Dragon – Tess”

Upcoming Videos / Streams

Hey everybody, quick update on the video side. I have been delayed in getting started by:-

  1. A huge PC crash that fried many of my components, leading me to MacGuyver my PC. It is up and running and fairly stable now.
  2. An office move, which means my sound setup is now wrong again.

I know, first world problems! But all going according to plan I will be doing some test streams over the weekend (Overwatch and Gungeon most likely) with my first proper stream on Monday.

For those wondering the idea with my Twitch streams is to play though classic / new point and click adventure games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am – 12 noon English time. I will look to start the streams at around 9:15am with a warm up Isaac, Gungeon, Overwatch etc run (to warm up the voice and fix any stream issues) with the adventure games starting at 10am.

The first game through the gauntlet will be Day of The Tentacle (re-mastered edition). VODs will be ported over to YouTube as well.

On the YouTube side I am looking at mastering Isaac Antibirth, which will take me awhile, as well as trying Dues Ex Mankind Divided, with a video going up on Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday I do not intend to stream, but may drop in with something. Sunday will be dedicated to some Sunday Afternoon Football in the form of Bloodbowl II. Again I am a novice so will start against AI and then see where it goes from there.

Hope to see some of you on Twitch on come Monday for some classic Adventure Game action 🙂

The Shaded Dragon

In a world full of dragons, magicians both evil and good, machines of destruction, demons and battling gods and their demigod kin, one resource is coveted above all others; the hero. Those rare few individuals who are that heady mix of brave, fool and righteous. And while their muscles are strong, their magic’s potent and their minds sharp they are revered and utilised to bring balance to a chaotic world. But when their muscles turn to fat, their magic to a damp squib and their minds slip into a world different from the one they live in, they become a burden to society. Continue reading “The Shaded Dragon”

Blizzard RPG – A Start of an Exploration

For many years a lot of people have been hoping Blizzard would turn their attention to making a single player RPG. I count myself among these people? The reason for this is I still enjoy story driven games. The fashion may have swung to open world (which I enjoy too) but I still get excited when a story driven game comes out.

Of course the champions of this are Bioware. Mass Effect and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic before that showed us what story can add to an RPG. They were not the first (I would argue that Ultima 7 had one of the better stories in an early RPG) but they are the best right now.

Then you look at Blizzard and the many worlds they have built, and you wonder, could they compete with Bioware if they developed a single player RPG? Continue reading “Blizzard RPG – A Start of an Exploration”

What the Hell am I?

Hi everybody, my name is Judicous Cake. I am a man who live on Earth and I like to play games. Original so far, am I right?

My favourite type of game is the humble point and click adventure game. When I am back home and setup I will be streaming on Twitch some of the classic point and click adventure games, as well as picking up some new ones and playing those.

I will also be doing a weekly series (if it can be done) sweeping through the various crowd funding sites to look for any adventure games on those sites and giving them a little once other based on the information to hand.

The blog here will mostly be random posts about games and stories and thoughts I have while playing them.

This will all start next week, so look out for me 🙂